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September Volunteer Hours Update

September Volunteer Hours Update


Congrats to Rhonda, Marla, and Jessica for completed the Toad Suck Triathlon! Rhonda (pictured) completed her first Olympic distance, though definitely not her longest distance.

We have a total of 389 volunteer hours year to date! We have had requests to let everyone know how many hours they have logged so we are providing that this week.

  • Tuesday 9:00 – Beginner Road Ride – Meet at Bentonville Square
  • Tuesday 11:15 – Intermediate Lunch Ride – Meet at Bentonville Square
  • Tuesday 6:00 pm – Rogers Road Ride – Meet in front of GPP in downtown Rogers
  • Thursday 6:05 pm – Greenway, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Mountain Bike Rides – Meet at Bentonville Square.  Cross your fingers for no rain.
  • Thursday 7:30 pm – Bike Cleaning and Happy Birthday Kyla Party!!! We’ll have snacks, drinks and stuff to clean your bike. Details to follow on Facebook.

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:


Alicia Wiginton 8.5
Angie Milam 6
Anita Beth Brown 0
Becky Hessick 7
Beth Brown 1
Britt Clem 2
Carie O’Banion 15+
Cassi Lapp 5
Cecilia Kalagias 15+
Christina Petroski 15+
Dana Chance 10
Deana Horn 3
Elizabeth Daughrity 3
Ellen Brune 15+
Hailey venters 4.5
Jennifer Newell 14
Jessica Bull 2
Julie Braden 15+
Julie Wylie 15+
Laurie Zarse 15+
Leta shockley 7
Lindsey Russell 6
Lisa Frank 5
Lowell Collins 11.5
Melanie Taylor 1
Michelle Malashock 5
Mindi Tucker 7
Nicole Chervenyak 11
Patti Vanderhoff 15+
Patty Branham 1
Ramona stein 12
Rhonda Gracy 8
Sonya Jin 7
Susan Zehner 15+
Tammy Lowery 8
Grand Total 389

Ride Safe and Have Fun!

Julie Braden

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